Find out the current status of the project and see what milestones are coming up in approvals, planning, and development.

  1. May 24

    Collecdev Inc. signs agreement
    with Archdiocese

  2. July 3

    Pre-Application Consultation Meeting with the City of Toronto

  3. July 23

    Meeting with Toronto
    Lands Corporation

  4. July 24

    Initial submission Zoning
    By-law Amendment Application

  5. Aug 7

    Meeting with Toronto
    Community Housing Corporation

  6. Aug 13

    Meeting with Republic Residents’ Association & Northeast Quadrant Alliance

  7. Aug 28

    Notification of
    Complete Application

  8. Sep 24

    Meeting #2
    with Toronto

  9. Nov 10

    St. Monica’s Parish
    Congregation Meeting

  10. Feb 11

    Project Status

  11. May 8

    File appealed
    to LPAT

We hope that everyone is staying safe and well during this difficult time for our city and communities as a result of COVID-19. It has been a trying time, but we find comfort that so many Torontonians have come together to address these challenges collectively.

The main goal of this project is to support St. Monica’s in meeting their immediate needs for a new worship space and ensuring its long-term sustainability. It is important to Collecdev to ensure that St. Monica’s goal for a new church and serving the congregation remains the focus of this process.

Collecdev is committed to meaningful and ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders in the process, including a collaborative and transparent community consultation process. At the same time, the realities of the current situation have resulted in the decision, based on advice from our legal team, to submit an appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). The decision to appeal was made due to delays in the processing of the application for many reasons. This project website will remain active and we encourage anyone with a question or feedback to submit it through the contact form.